Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Makeup Tutorial:D

Hello, i am going to do another makeup tutorial with you now.
this one is a glamour kind off look comment on what you think of it. ;D

1) Apply the 4OOOsp hair if you have it, however if you don’t then apply whatever hair you like.
2) Dye the hair strawberry blonde colour.
3) Add baby blue highlights near the fringe slightly.
4) Use a black eyeliner pencil and draw round the outer side of each eye thickly.
5) Add a bit of white eyeliner pencil through to the end of the eye.
6) Use a black liquid eyeliner and make a tip at either side of the eye.
7) Use your black DOT eyeshadow and faintly draw a semi-circle and colour it in.
8) Get a white/grey and draw a smaller semi-circle inside.
9) Faintly use your blusher preferably a apricot colour.
10) Place the Luxe lipgloss over a tiny piece of the lips.
11) Use a reddy/pink colour and colour over it.
12) Add the accessories, if you want to add more feel free to.

Makeup tutorial:D

Hi today im going to show you a cute girly look :D
I kinda love doing tutorials, so expect more in the future ;D
this is my 1st makeup tutorial on here so please comment and tell me what you think, ty (':

1) Apply the 4OOOsp hair, although if you don’t have it just apply any other hair.
2) Apply the brown hair dye if not already wearing it.
3) Add pink highlights to the right of the hair near the fringe.
4) Put black eyeliner pencil on the outer side of each eye does this pretty thick.
5) Faintly put a little bit of Grey/light white onto the right and left side of the eye facing to the joint of the nose.
6) Use a thick light pink eyeshadow stick and press quite hard and make a semi circle shape on each eye
7) Add a bit of Luxe pink eyeshadow to give a shimmering touch
8) Get a light blusher and faintly press on each side of cheek so that you get a small affect
9) Get the Luxe lipgloss and put a little bit of it on the middle of the lips.
10) Colour over the lipgloss with a pinky/reddy colour lipstick as shown on the picture.
11) Add accessories that you see on the picture or maybe add some more of your own ideas for the look .

Monday, 1 November 2010


Stardoll are giving away free earrings to all members from Poland, when they enter some contest.

Heres a picture of the Earrings above.

Gorgeous aint they? if your from Poland and want them earrings then type http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/

If you are not from Poland then go to
- http://proxyhideout.com or http://ukryj.info
- paste http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=716 into the URL browser and press enter/browse
- Log in
- Copy and paste this into the URL bar http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=716
- Log off and close the proxy

they then should be in a bag in your beauty parlor :D

New Endangered Specie.

Yes as you see theres a new endangered specie out ready for adoption ;D
as its the beggining of this month stardoll have put a orangutan up for adoption.
whos gonna adopt the cute orangutan? i have:D

thanks :D

Jodie. ;D

Stardoll Just Hit 8O MILLION!

Yes! It seems to be that time again, as recently stardoll just hit 8O million members!
I always find it cool when we hit another 1O million, 'cause for me personally, It shows just how long ive been on Stardoll. (It just his 3O million. xD).
I always love the themed clothes they bring out to accompany the offer they give. This time, Its pretty cool, all I dislike is the price, you used to get them for like free or 1 or 2 stardollars..
Anywho, I think its pretty cool this time round, Let's get ready to hit 9O million!


Friday, 29 October 2010

Welcome :D

Hi. Our names are Jodie and Lauren, together we own this blog. In the future you will be amazed by the spoilers, graphics, and posts. (Which we're still working on xD) But yesh, please follow us, we'll appreciate it alot! Thanks for visiting! See you soon!